Spelt bread recipe

spelt flour bread

Today I would like to share with you a very easy recipe for delicious spelt bread. Why did I bake it using spelt flour? If you are struggling with PCOS symptoms, it is important to void eating wheat (and gluten). High wheat-based diets often have a high glycaemic index and load which are linked to obesity and diabetes.

Wheat is a common food allergen, causing digestive, immune-related, and weight problems. I have recently read a very good book ‘Wheat Belly’ by Dr William Davis in which he explains why wheat and gluten are generally healthy and for PCOS women especially unhealthy (!).

Wheat and gluten are said to be appetite stimulant. Wheat contains a starch called amylopectin A, which is quickly converted to blood sugar. This leads to a fast, and high rise in blood sugar and insulin, something PCOS women should avoid. Have you eaten a slice of freshly baked crunchy bread and you were hungry again in no time? That is how a commination of wheat, increased level of blood sugar and insulin work. We are always hungry striving for more carbs.

Moreover, wheat contains a particular lectin (a protein) called WGA, which is responsible for many of wheat’s ill effects such as gut inflammation and digestive complaints. Recent research has shown that wheat consumption causes a condition called leaky gut. Leaky gut tends to promote low-grade inflammation, which is an underlying characteristic of heart disease, cancer and autoimmune problems.

To sum up, try to avoid wheat. Buy wholegrain bread which does not contain wheat from your local bakery or, if not available, bake your own. For instance, from spelt flour. It is super easy and quick (I promise!).

What do you need to make this delicious spelt bread?

500g spelt flour (I used Doves Farm Organic Wholegrain Spelt Flour)

270g warm (but not hot) water

1.5 tsp pink Himalayan salt

50g ghee butter

40g fresh yeast (also known as cake or compressed yeast)

50g mixed seeds (e.g. sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds)

1 tsp of xylitol (I did not want to add sugar and xylitol is a good alternative)

Some Herbes de Provence (to sprinkle over the top of bread before putting it into the oven)

 spelt flour bread igredients

How do you do it?

  1. Preheat oven: 200 Celsius degrees /Gas Mark 6
  2. In a saucepan melt ghee butter.

melted ghee butter

3. Crumble yeast, add xylitol and mix it well.

yeast and xylitol

yeast and xylitol

4. In a large bowl combine spelt flour with salt.

5. Add (slowly) water to your flour mixture, then butter and yeast. Mix it well until the dough is ‘clear’ and smooth. This should form a softish dough.

spelt flour bread mixing ingredients

6. Add mixed seeds and mix it well.

spelt flour bread with seeds

7. Prepare a loaf tin ( I used some baking paper).

8. Put your bread dough in the tin. Sprinkle with some Herbes de Provence over the top.

spelt flour bread in the making

9. Cover with a tea tower and leave it in the warmish spot for 30 minutes (I left it on my cooker) to rise.

10. Put it in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes. Cool completely before serving.

…and ready!

spelt flour bread

spelt flour bread ready

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