What is the Beast's real name in “Beauty and the Beast”?

What is the Beast's real name in “Beauty and the Beast”?

22 Jul 2023


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The Mystery of the Beast's Real Name

Every fan of "Beauty and the Beast" has probably wondered at some point, what is the Beast’s actual name? We all know Belle, but the Beast is simply referred to as...well, the Beast. This has led to a lot of speculation and theories among fans. The name of the Beast is not mentioned in the original fairy tale, nor is it mentioned in the Disney version. But the truth is, the Beast does have a real name, and I'm going to unravel this mystery for you.

Unveiling the Beast's Name

The Beast's real name is Adam. Yes, you read that right! While it may not be officially mentioned in the movie, the creators of the film have confirmed that the Beast's name is indeed Adam. It seems they intended to reveal his name in a sequel or spin-off that never got made. So, the name Adam stuck around in the world of Disney trivia and fan theories.

The Origin of the Beast's Name

The name Adam is quite significant and symbolic. It’s of Hebrew origin and means 'man'. This could be a nod to the Beast's struggle to regain his humanity throughout the story. The fact that his name is so common could also be a reminder that anyone can become a 'beast' if they let their worst traits take control.

Did You Ever Hear the Beast's Name in the Movie?

Despite the Beast's real name being Adam, you will not hear it mentioned even once throughout the movie. This is because the creators decided to keep it a secret. They believed that revealing his name would take away from the mystery and intrigue of the character. However, this decision has only led to more curiosity among fans, making the Beast's real name a hot topic for discussion.

Disney's Confirmation of the Beast's Name

Disney eventually confirmed the Beast's name during the 1990s, long after the release of the original film. The confirmation came in the form of a CD-ROM game based on the movie, where the name 'Prince Adam' was used. Since then, Disney has subtly confirmed the name in various other mediums as well.

The Controversy Around the Beast's Name

While Disney has confirmed the Beast's name as Adam, there are still some controversies and disagreements among fans. Some argue that the name was never officially used in the movie and was only introduced later, therefore it should not be considered canon. Others feel that the name doesn't suit the character or the story. Despite these debates, the name Adam is widely accepted by the majority of the fanbase.

The Beast's Name in Different Languages

It's interesting to note that in many translations of the story, the Beast is given a name. For instance, in the French version, he is called 'La Bête', which simply translates to 'The Beast'. In some cultures, the Beast is even given a completely different name, adding another layer to the mystery of his identity.

The Significance of the Beast's Name

The Beast's name carries a lot of significance in the story. It serves as a reminder of his former self, his humanity, and the person he could be again if he overcomes his inner beast. In a way, the Beast's name is symbolic of his journey throughout the movie.

Why the Beast's Name Matters

Knowing the Beast's real name adds a new depth to his character. It humanizes him, giving us a glimpse of the man behind the beast. It also emphasizes the story's central theme – that true beauty lies within. After all, despite his beastly appearance and the name 'Beast', he is still Adam at heart.

Conclusion: The Beast's Name Uncovered

In conclusion, the Beast's real name in "Beauty and the Beast" is Adam. While this may not be explicitly stated in the film, it has been confirmed by Disney and is widely accepted by fans. So, the next time you watch "Beauty and the Beast", remember that the Beast is not just a Beast – he is Adam, a prince who is as human as you and me.

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