Why are runway clothes so weird?

Why are runway clothes so weird?

12 Jul 2023


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The Artistic Vision Behind Runway Fashion

Have you ever watched a fashion show and wondered, "Who would ever wear that?" Well, you're not alone. In fact, runway fashion often appears bizarre, outrageous, or even shocking to the untrained eye. But there's a reason for this. Runway fashion is not about wearable, everyday clothing. It's about artistic expression, pushing boundaries, and making bold statements. Just like an artist uses a canvas to express their creativity, designers use clothing as their medium. The runway is their stage, where they showcase their most imaginative and avant-garde ideas. It's about creating a spectacle and stirring emotions, not about practicality or comfort.

The Role of Conceptual Thinking in Fashion

Conceptual thinking plays a crucial role in runway fashion. Designers often have a specific theme or concept in mind when creating their collections. This can be anything from a historical era, a foreign culture, or a social issue, to abstract concepts like dreams, emotions, or the future. This is where the "weirdness" comes in. To translate these abstract ideas into clothing, designers often use unconventional materials, exaggerated shapes, or dramatic details. While these clothes may not be suitable for everyday wear, they're meant to provoke thought and inspire conversation.

Fashion as a Reflection of Social Issues

Runway fashion often reflects the zeitgeist of our times. Designers use their collections to comment on social, political, or environmental issues. This is why you'll sometimes see models wearing gas masks, outfits made of trash, or designs that challenge gender norms. It's not about being weird for the sake of being weird. It's about using fashion as a platform to raise awareness, create dialogue, and inspire change.

The Influence of Couture

The world of haute couture greatly influences runway fashion. Haute couture is the highest form of fashion, where garments are hand-made from start to finish for individual clients. These pieces are all about extravagance, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, often featuring elaborate embroidery, featherwork, or beadwork. While these designs are far from practical, they represent the pinnacle of fashion and the skill of the designer. This level of craftsmanship often trickles down to ready-to-wear collections, resulting in "weird" runway clothes.

Runway Fashion as a Marketing Tool

It's important to remember that runway fashion is also a marketing tool. The main goal of a fashion show is to grab attention and generate buzz. The more outrageous the outfits, the more press coverage and social media shares a designer gets. And while most people won't buy or wear these runway pieces, they create a strong brand image that helps sell more wearable items like bags, shoes, or perfumes.

Understanding Fashion Forecasting

Fashion forecasting is another reason why runway clothes might seem odd to the average person. Designers are always thinking one or two seasons ahead, predicting future trends and consumer behavior. This means that what you see on the runway might not be in style now, but it could be in a few months or years. So, while these designs might seem strange at first, they often set the tone for future fashion trends.

The Role of Fashion Stylists

Fashion stylists also play a role in the "weirdness" of runway clothes. Their job is to present the clothes in the most eye-catching and dramatic way possible. This often involves layering multiple pieces, adding exaggerated accessories, or creating unexpected combinations. While these looks might not be practical for everyday wear, they help bring the designer's vision to life and make a memorable impression on the audience.

The Influence of Streetwear and Subcultures

Last but not least, streetwear and subcultures greatly influence runway fashion. Designers often take inspiration from youth subcultures, music scenes, or street style, resulting in edgy, unconventional designs. This is why you'll often see graffiti prints, oversized silhouettes, or punk influences on the runway. While these clothes might seem "weird" to some, they reflect the diversity and creativity of fashion.

Embracing the Unconventional in Fashion

In conclusion, the "weirdness" of runway fashion is not a flaw, but a strength. It's a testament to the creativity, imagination, and courage of designers. It's about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and making a statement. So, the next time you see a bizarre outfit on the runway, don't dismiss it as weird. Instead, try to appreciate the thought, craftsmanship, and creativity that went into it. After all, fashion is not just about clothes - it's about art, expression, and culture.

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