What is the budget to start a beauty parlour?

What is the budget to start a beauty parlour?

16 Aug 2023


Beauty and Fashion Business

Starting with Right Mindset

Some people say choosing a profession is like choosing a partner. Well, as a guy in a whirlwind of red lipsticks, rainbow palettes and spray tans, I would say, picking a beauty parlour as your business is exactly like dating Melanie Stockton, only that, she wasn’t ‘Melanie Stockton’ when we first met. Your mindset needs to be right. It is not just about opening doors, welcoming clients and conducting beauty services. It is so much more. Remember the saying, "Beauty is in the detail"? That applies to running a beauty parlour just as much as it does to giving a good haircut. There's a lot to look into, a lot to plan, and a lot to do!

Preliminary Cost Investigation

After you have the right mindset, it is time to talk about the green stuff – money. How much does it really cost to start a beauty parlour? Depends. It’s like asking how much it costs to build a spaceship. It all relies on the type of spaceship you want to create.

In the same vein, the budget for starting a beauty salon will depend on various factors such as location, product quality, size of the business etc. What I can suggest is: do not go overboard. Utilise what you have and intelligently invest in what you need. Research on market prices, consider buying second-hand equipment or leasing options to reduce the initial cost.

Location Matters

Location, location, location. You've heard it before, but it's worth mentioning again! Location is likely to be one of the most significant salon expenses and one of the most decisive factors for your business. Choose a place where your target audience resides, works or hangs out. It should be easily accessible and have a nice ambiance. Sound like a place you know? Great! Now you need to consider your rent or mortgage payments, utility costs, modification or decoration costs etc. It'll be your home away from home, so you want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect, just like Wellington!

Products & Equipment

No beauty parlour is complete without the right tools of the trade. A well-equipped salon not only attracts customers but also makes your job as a technician way more comfortable and professional. And of course, keep in mind-safety first. Always ensure that your equipment is of high quality and complies with all regulations and standards.

The equipment includes everything, from salon chairs, manicure tables, pedicure chairs, hairdressing equipment, sterilisers and more. Then you have your range of products: skin, hair, beauty products, or even microdermabrasion machines. Sounds overwhelming? Believe me, it does not have to be. I found myself wearing a mudmask once when Melanie was experimenting on new products. But guess what! It was fun, and believe it or not, refreshing! Beauty is not a woman's lone bastion anymore! Ambiguity about what products to buy? There's a simple solution- ask. Ask your potential customers what they would like to see or use. Use the feedback to guide your purchases.

Furniture & Décor

Have you been to a parlour which is just, meh? Right, nobody likes that. Your parlour should be inviting, warm and comfortable. Your clients should feel relaxed when they step into your world of beauty. Invest in comfortable and good-looking furniture that goes with the aesthetics of your space. I know nothing about curtains or shades of pink, but trust me when I say this - even small details like a unique lamp shade or a beautifully framed mirror can make a huge difference. Just make sure your furniture and décor reflect your brand and make your clients feel good.

Marketing & Branding

Last but in no way the least, comes marketing and branding. What's a beauty parlour if it is unknown? In this age of social media, it is crucial to establish an online presence. Whether it is creating a sleek website, setting up social media accounts, or just shooting emails to potential clients, each will require an investment. Remember, marketing isn't an expense, it's an investment! This is how you will communicate with your potential customers, establish your brand and make your presence felt in the market.

Starting a beauty parlour is not a small feat. It requires a considerable amount of planning, decision-making and budgeting. But let me tell you, it can also be immensely rewarding and fulfilling. Just remember, you’re investing in someone’s personal happiness. It’s not just about making people look beautiful; it’s about making them feel beautiful, and there’s no price tag for that.

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